Meeting Schedule

February 13
08:30 am    Room Open
08:45 am    Opening and Logistics
Session 1: Organics in the Solar System
09:00 am    H. Naraoka "CHN Molecules Related to Hydrous Mineral Contents in Carbonaceous Chondrites"
09:25 am    T. Koga "Identifying Abundant Purine Nucleobases in the Murchison Meteorite"
09:50 am    Y. Takano "Organic Molecular Signatures of Aqueous Alteration at Ryugu"
10:15 am    L. R. Nittler "Microscale Isotopic Composition and Origins of Macromolecular Organics in C-rich

Session 2: More about Ryugu!
11:00 am    H. Busemann "Noble Gases in Asteroid Ryugu"

Free Discussion

04:30 pm    E. E. Alp "From Asteroid Ryugu to the Hands of Synchrotron Mossbauer Spectroscopists"
04:55 pm    M. Bizzarro "The Magnesium Isotope Composition of Samples Returned from Asteroid Ryugu"
05:20 pm    S. Sugita "Space Weathering on C-type Bright Boulders on Ryugu Revealed from Artificial Crater
05:45 pm    E. Tatsumi "Distribution of F type Asteroids - Possible Origin of Ryugu and Bennu -"
06:10 pm    K. Yumoto "Unraveling the Opposite Spectral Evolutions on Ryugu and Bennu"

February 14 – Happy Bennu Day
Session 3: Revealing the Secrets of Bennu

08:30 am    D. S. Lauretta "Biogenic Element Distribution in Samples Returned by OSIRIS-REx"
09:05 am    H. Yurimoto "Organic-inorganic fractions for hydrogen and carbon in asteroid Bennu samples"
09:30 am    A. Mojarro "Characterization of Organic Matter in Samples Returned from Asteroid Bennu by
09:55 am    E. Parker "Extraterrestrial Amino Acids and Other Water-Soluble Organic Molecules in a Sample
                        Returned from Asteroid Bennu"
10:20 am    A. Tsuchiyama "X-ray Micro- and Nano-Tomography Analysis of Bennu Samples: A Preliminary
10:45 am    N. Kawasaki "Anhydrous Primary Minerals in Ryugu, Ivuna, and Bennu"

Free Discussion

Session 4: Petrography and Petrology of Bennu! (Special Lecture)

04:30 pm 
Prof. Harold C. Connolly, Jr. (Rowan University, OSIRIS-REx Mission Sample Scientist) 
"An Initial Petrographic and Petrologic Overview of the OSIRIS-REx Sample from Asteroid Bennu"

Poster Session: Don't Stop Discussing about the Solar System
05:30 pm
H. Hashizume "Coordinated Studies on Presolar Al-rich Oxides in DOM 08006"
S. Inada "Evaporation Kinetics Based on Transition State Theory for Applications to the Early Solar System"
A. J. King "A Tale of Two Asteroids: Correlated Imaging & Diffraction of Recent Chondrite Falls"
N. Makino "Al–Mg Systematics of a CAI-Chondrule Compound Object"
Y. Miyamoto "Al–Mg Systematics of Spinel-Hibonite Inclusions in Ryugu and Ivuna"
T. Nakamoto "A Chondrule Formation Scenario by Lightning (ver. 2024)"
Y. Oba "Experimental Approaches for Reproducing the Distribution of N-Heterocyclic Molecules in
                Carbonaceous Asteroids"
A. Takigawa "Low-Temperature Condensation Experiments of Silicates"
S. Tachibana "Hayabusa2 Extended Mission (Hayabusa2♯) and Bennu Sample Analysis"

Symposium Banquet!

February 15
Session 5: Dust Formation and Processing

08:30 am    H. Enomoto "Experimental Constraint on Optical Properties and Chemical Composition of
                        Circumstellar Dust "
08:55 am    Y. Tsuruoka "Experimental Study of Melilite Mantle Formation of Type B CAI"
09:20 am    S. Inada "Kinetics of Evaporation of Forsterite in H2-H2O Atmosphere"
09:45 am    R. Sakurai "Oxygen Isotope Exchange Kinetics of FeO-bearing Amorphous Silicate with H2O vapor"
10:10 am    L. Ishizaki "Oxygen Isotope Exchange of Silicate Dust Moving in the Protosolar Disk"

Session 6: Young and Present Sun
10:35 am    K. Bajo "In Situ Helium Isotope Micro-Imaging of Meteorites"

Free Discussion

04:30 pm    Y. Otsuki "Depth Profiling of Helium, Neon and Argon Isotopes Implanted in Ilmenite and Olivine"
04:55 pm    S. Wada "Evidence of Solar Wind Irradiation on Regolith of a Gas-Rich Carbonaceous Chondrite"
05:20 pm    T. Obase "Evidence for Exposure to Solar Energetic Particles from the Young Sun"

05:45 pm    Summary and Concluding Remarks